We offer all kinds of language services in the field of translation and simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in any of the following language combinations: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, English (British and American), French, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Chinese and Japanese. Please contact us if you require services in other languages.

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Specialty fields

We specialise in translations of all types in the following fields: banking, finance and banking software, computer systems, advertising, business documents, etc.

NRGetic Language Services offers high quality specialised translations. Our native translators have a wealth of experience and translate into their mother tongue only, thereby ensuring the highest quality.

Our services include:

• Sworn translations
• Specialised translations
• Website translations
• Communications translations

To ensure perfect results, all our translators undergo an exhaustive selection process to evaluate their linguistic and technical skills. Each translation job is assigned to the translator whose profile and specialist areas best match the project in question, both in terms of the language combination and the subject matter. All translations and texts are reviewed and corrected by native linguists.

We have ample experience of translations of financial texts and banking software applications: functional, programming and installation manuals, software requirements and specifications, intranet documents, e-banking applications, internal programming tools, software for bank branches, etc. We also have a network of freelancers specialising in all fields, including medicine, tourism, trade, computers, advertising, electronics, engineering and much more.

Do you need to communicate with overseas clients? We can help you to translate your newsletter or maintain fluid written communications. The internationalisation of your company will no longer be a problem. Ask about our communications translation service and our flat rate for e-mail translations.

We can provide sworn translations signed and sealed by an official sworn translator recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Complementary to these translation tasks, we also offer editing and layout services for any type of document.

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Localisation is the adaptation of content to another language, taking into account the linguistic and cultural context and the technical requirements. Find out more about this service.

It is sometimes necessary to adapt the content of a website or a company’s promotional documentation to the cultural and linguistic context or technical needs of a target country.

This process known as localisation involves a number of phases apart from translation, including coordination, programming, fault management and quality control, reviewing and design/layout.

If your company requires these types of services, NRGetic Language Services offers the best professionals in the following fields:

• Software localisation
• Website localisation

We use various tools to optimise content localisation processes and ensure the consistency of our translations, along with all the graphic design tools needed to achieve optimum results in terms of the text format.

If you require the services of an interpreter trust in our professionals, who are native speakers of the target language and highly qualified specialists in their respective fields.

NRGetic Language Services has a select team of recognised interpreters. All of our interpreters have ample experience and specialist knowledge in a wide array of fields.

We guarantee that every project is carried out by interpreters with experience in the field and the type of interpretation requested.

Our services include:

• Simultaneous interpretation
• Consecutive interpretation
• Liaison interpretation
• Sworn interpretation

We can also provide the technical equipment necessary for simultaneous interpretation at events requiring various interpreters, interpretation booths and headphones for attendees.

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